by miXile

Eucla 07:00
Broken Hill 09:59


The story commences at Southern Cross in Western Australia, traverses the legendary Nullarbor Plain and ends almost 4,000km later in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, pretty much the entire width of Australia.

The landscape along the way covers every possible variation, from desert to lush woodland and even ‘shark infested waters’, if you believe the locals who warned against swimming at Ceduna in South Australia

During the course of the drive across Australia I encountered some great folks who helped inspire this work. Most of these could be found at various roadside cafe's, roadhouses, motels and petrol stations along the Nullarbor. A big hello to all at the Balladonia Roadhouse. Also, thanks to the folks from the Broken Hill cinema - now that's how to run an old style cinema!

Thanks to all who've supported me over the last 12 months, listening to the music and attending the concerts.

A major thank you goes out to Colin Bennun who took the results of 12 month's work and mastered it beautifully into a polished album.

As usual, many thanks to Christine (who is my perfect friend and travelling companion and put together the artwork for this CD), Peter (who drove some of the 90 mile straight) & Jennifer (accommodation expert).


released January 1, 2008


all rights reserved




miXile has been working in the area of sound art / ambient electronic music since 1988. He has released 12 albums and regularly performs at festivals and events around Europe.

His music concerns location and travel and makes extensive use of field recordings.
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